Hormone-free vaginal suppositories are effective against vaginal dryness

Hormone-free vaginal suppositories are effective against vaginal dryness

In a clinical study the effectiveness and tolerability of the hormone-free Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum vaginal suppository were examined in 79 postmenopausal women with vulvovaginal dryness over six weeks. Using the hormone-free vaginal suppository showed a statistically significant improvement in symptoms of vaginal dryness. Such as feeling of dryness, vaginal itching, and pain during sexual intercourse. In addition, the study found that after just 24 hours, over 70% of users experienced significant relief of symptoms.


At the end of the study, both the effectiveness and tolerability of the vaginal suppositories were rated by doctors and users as “very good” or “good” by a clear majority of over 85 percent.

Subjective evaluation of the application

In addition to the very simple to easy application, which was described by over 90% of the women, it was also positive that the effect of the Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum suppository lasted up to three days or longer. It can therefore be concluded that a significant improvement in the typical symptoms associated with vaginal dryness not only occurred within the first week of use, but also lasted over a long period, resulting in a significant improvement in quality of life.

With Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum, vaginal dryness can be treated very well and easily, without any hormones. It provides quick and long-lasting relief from vaginal dryness and is very well tolerated. The Cremolum is a hormone-free alternative for women who do not want to or are not allowed to take hormones. For women who need local hormone therapy or are taking systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum can be used as a nourishing supplement.

Here you can find the most important study results at a glance:

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