Finally Pain-Free During Sex!

Finally Pain-Free During Sex!

Half of all women over 45 suffer from vaginal dryness, and many experience pain during sex as a result. But there are solutions...

When intercourse becomes a challenge, even long-standing relationships can face difficulties. Pain during sex leads to a lack of desire, creating immense frustration. In desperation, many couples turn to conventional lubricants. However, these often provide only limited relief for hormonal vaginal dryness. The good news is that with the right mindset and some adjustments, it's absolutely possible to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life once again.

The Burden of Dryness

Menopause brings about hormonal fluctuations, primarily a decrease in estrogen levels, which can lead to changes in the vaginal tissues, and reduced lubrication. This causes the skin in and around the vagina to become drier and more sensitive, often leading to pain during sex and diminishing sexual desire. Additionally, factors like stress, relationship dynamics, and overall health can play a role in a woman's sexual well-being during this phase.

Regain the Joy of Sex!

Knowledge is empowering, and this holds true for understanding the changes that occur during menopause. You can benefit from educating yourself about the physiological and emotional aspects of menopause. Knowing what to expect helps in managing expectations and adapting to the new normal.

Instead of enduring Vaginal dryness and pain, affected women can use a Moisturising cream. Applied daily, it alleviates dryness, burning, and pain during sex. It soothes irritated skin in the intimate area, making it supple again. And as the pain subsides, desire can return.

Taking care of one's physical and mental well-being is essential for overall health and, sexual satisfaction. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management techniques contribute not only to a woman's general health but also positively impact her sexual health. Menopause can be an opportunity to explore new aspects of intimacy. Trying different sexual activities, experimenting with fantasies, or incorporating new forms of stimulation can help reignite the passion in a relationship. A sense of adventure and playfulness can be powerful tools in rediscovering pleasure.

Our Tip: Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cream

The hormone-free Moisturising cream from Dr Wolff’s V-san  hydrates the skin in and around the vagina, providing moisture and nourishing lipids (fats). This dual effect reliably brings relief. It can provide you with the relief needed to reignite your passion.

84% of users of Dr Wolff’s V-san Moisturising Cream report less pain during sex.*

We answered some commonly asked questions:

Is vaginal dryness a significant issue for women over 50?
Many women do not associate their pain during sex or discomfort while sitting with vaginal dryness. Instead, they often feel that something is uniquely wrong with them and bear it in silence.

So, does vaginal dryness also affect mental well-being?
Yes, many women feel less vital or unattractive as a sexual partner. It's a sense of not functioning properly anymore. Enjoyment in many aspects of life diminishes, impacting even overall joy.

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*Garcia de Arriba S et al, PloS One . 2022 May 12; 17(5):e0266633
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