Dr Wolff’s Vagisan

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Moisturising Cream for vaginal dryness

Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream is a hormone -free cream for vaginal dryness. It alleviates symptoms like burning, itching and pain caused by vaginal dryness. It also helps for pain during sex.

Unlike other products for vaginal dryness, Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream is a real cream and not a gel (aqueous preparations). Its dual effect provides moisture AND soothing lipids (fats) to the skin in the vaginal and external genital area.

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Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cremolum

As a hormone-free product for vaginal dryness, Dr. Wolff developed the Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Moisturising Cream.

For women who do not want to use an applicator, there is the Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cremolum; the smooth-melting vaginal pessary against vaginal dryness.

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Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Intimate wash Lotion

For your personal hygiene in the intimate area Problems in the vulvar region can affect the vagina, and vice versa, so it is important to keep the skin of the external intimate area healthy.

Most importantly, this means avoiding disturbance of the acid protective mantle as much as possible, i.e. not stripping the skin of its lipids and maintaining the acidic pH at about 5. Sometimes all that is needed is to avoid harmful influences.

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Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Lactic Acid

To maintain and restore vaginal pH levels Women who are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections may help prevent these infections by different measures.

One of these measures is the use of lactic acid which maintains and restores natural vaginal pH levels, thus contributing to a healthy vaginal environment. Fast acidification of the vagina with lactic acid In a healthy vagina, an acidic environment provides natural protection against infection.

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What this intimate care range can do for you?

Dr. Wolff's V-san product range has been specially designed to promote a healthy intimate area and help to relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

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